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Chameleon Power Introduces the Roofing, Remodeling Industry’s Most Precise Visualizer and iPad App


  • New app works seamlessly with iPad touch screen technology
  • Allows users to add mapping layers for truer dimension and perspective
  • Provides the roofing industry’s most accurate and mobile visualization tool ever

Novi, Mich. (January 31, 2013) - Chameleon Power, the world’s leading provider of visualization software and technology, announced the release of a new app for iPads that promises to be the roofing and remodeling industry’s most accurate visualizer.

The app provides all the features of Chameleon’s popular visualizers including the ability to redesign the exteriors of model homes or upload photos of homes to the ImageMapper tool for the most accurate virtual remodel.

“ImageMapper is designed to work well with the latest iPad’s speed and pinch and zoom capabilities,” says Bill Westrick, vice president of Research & Development, Chameleon Power.

“Roofing and other contractor professionals can use the app to upload photos of their customers’ homes. Then, with the touch of the screen, they can easily use their fingertips to map points and add the most precise dimensions and perspectives to show their customers how a newly designed roof, siding or other exterior products will look on their home instantly.”

The new app is one of a number of innovations Chameleon Power has launched within the last several months. In late 2012, Chameleon Power developed Vision QR, a retail sales solution that allows sales staff and/or customers to scan product samples such as paint chips or upholstery and see them visualized in beautiful room scenes instantly on their mobile devices or in-store kiosks.

Chameleon Power also was the first to perfect visualization technology for Apple and Android mobile products as well as create software that provides accurate configuration and visualization for windows and other transparent surfaces.

Chameleon Power’s ImageMapper™, the original upload a photo of your own home tool, is perhaps the company’s most notable accomplishment achieving 2.1 million photo uploads and growing since 2006.

“The new roofing iPad app is the next chapter in the truest visualization accuracy available ImageMapper has been providing over the last seven years,” says Dan Dempsey, president and CEO, Chameleon Power.

“Chameleon Power is eager to see how roofers will come to use the iPad app and we are always looking forward to developing new technology covering every part of the home exterior and interior.”

To download and try the iPad app for yourself, please visit https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/iko-roofviewer/id596044211.

For more information about Chameleon Power’s visualization, mapping and other services, please contact marketing@chameleonpower.com or 248-380-9080.

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