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Chameleon software technologies are deployed in many industries and product categories, utilized as supplier solutions, channel tools and consumer-facing marketing technologies. We serve several industries including:

Architecture & Design

CAD and animating technologies have a lack of photo realism has been an ongoing shortcoming that Chameleon technology alleviates. Learn More >


Material types, regional availability, mortar colors, others and photographic tools provide a better selection process. Realistic display of texture and colors makes the process easy. Learn More >

Building Envelope

Chameleon has pushed the technology envelope with tools that help building owners and designers select the ideal materials for their project. Learn More >


Chameleon’s suite of selection tools include web and mobile room visualizers, pattern designers, color recommendation/identification apps and carpet/flooring calculators. Learn More >

Ceramic Tile

Our expansive suite that help suppliers promote their products, help dealers and designers specify tile offerings and help consumers through what is typically a significant investment. Learn More >


Chameleon technology was designed by color scientists and consequently color accuracy and the ability to provide a photographic representation of the appearance is what we are known for. Learn More >


Chameleon technologies are the tools of choice for exterior manufacturers, distributors and contractors to help homeowners select the ideal deck color, type, texture and more. Learn More >

Entry Doors

Other technologies “sticker” the door and animated window glass to the house with the hope the consumer can imagine what the real product would look like. We offer a suite of web and mobile tools that provide photo realistic rendering. Learn More >

Fabrics & Textiles

Capturing the full repeat while accurately representing the product on furniture, walls, windows and other categories typically pushes the envelope for most technologies. We provide an environment that helps the supplies control costs and sell more products. Learn More >

Faucets and Fixtures

Chameleon technology includes 3D attributes that allow that third dimension to exist with the photographic space. Our tools are used to select faucets, light fixtures, other objects that typically are not selectable with photographic room scenes. Learn More >


Floor covering visualization technologies help alleviate the challenges of selecting the right product for the environment. From carpet to tile to hardwood, etc., floor covering is a significant decision for any residential or commercial project. Learn More >


Chameleon technologies allow the user to view furniture in their own space and decorate the idea piece with different fabrics as the supplier permits. These tools give customers a much more interactive and valued experience. Learn More >

Garage Doors

Chameleon provides the highest resolution, most photo accurate technology available to the garage door industry. Our web and mobile tools make selecting sizes, types, materials and decorative choices an enjoyable process. Learn More >

Glass - Commercial

Helping customers visualize the outcome while considering appearance, efficiency, employee morale, time and lighting considerations and other factors for commercial structures. Learn More >

Home Building

Chameleon provides a suite of tools that homebuilders, suppliers and the home buyer can all utilize across a common platform, ensuring consistency of data throughout. Learn More >

Hospitality Design

Commercial design for facilities is a large and growing category and the designers and specifiers are begging for tools that help with design decisions. Learn More >


Chameleon has pushed the technology envelope with tools that help designers and customers select the ideal look and materials for their living room. Learn More >


Chameleon's fully functional suite of tools accurately represent the products and services of suppliers, designers and installers with photo realism for the customer. Learn More >

Mosaics & Medallions

The intricate design capabilities of tiles and mosaics provide a unique environment for creative people. Our web and mobile tools offer many options for developing designs with unlimited creativity. Learn More >

Paints & Coatings

The paint industry is constantly looking for more effective ways to represent their evolving palettes and brilliant colors. Our tools offer multiple solutions to interface with the dealers, designers and consumers, via online and mobile apps. Learn More >


We provide suppliers, designers and installers aspire to have tools that accurately represent their products and services that expedite the decision process while helping owners decide colors, types and patterns. Learn More >


Chameleon technologies are the tools of choice for roofing manufacturers, distributors and roofers to help homeowners select the ideal roof color, type, texture and more. Roofing suppliers have utilized Chameleon tools for more than a decade. Learn More >


Chameleon tools provide a way to envision a rug in the space of a house or business. Our tools allow customers to make intelligent, visual choices that give them an exact idea what their room will look like. Learn More >


Manufacturers, distributors and contractors utilize visualization tools that have made Chameleon the standard within the siding industry. Learn More >


Chameleon tools provide an efficient and effective solution for making critical decisions with stone for exterior and interior design projects. Learn More >

Wall Coverings

An intuitive and effective approach by filtering by user preferences, colors, climates and moods for the ultimate forum for viewing the final outcome. Learn More >

Window Fashion

Blinds to coverings to valences; fashion presents many considerations for homeowners. Our tools empower them to make intelligent, visual choices. Learn More >


Selecting windows can be a difficult process. Chameleon tools help take the guess work out of these decisions and make it easier for your prospects to select your products. Learn More >