About Chameleon Power
About Chameleon Power by Hyphen Solutions

Chameleon Power by Hyphen Solutions is the industry-leading provider of software as service visualization and design technologies for every platform. Our technologies create interactive virtual showrooms and provide a seamless connection between Suppliers, Manufacturers, Distributors, Contractors, Remodelers and their customers. Leading companies around the world have relied on Chameleon’s 2D, 3D, VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) software solutions and Digital Rendering and Imaging Services for over 20 years.

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In February 2022, Hyphen Solutions acquired Chameleon Power and all of its assets to better serve the entire supply chain. Felix Vasquez, CEO of Hyphen Solutions said, “We are constantly looking for winning software to combine with our platform to maximize the efficiencies between Builders and their Suppliers. With this acquisition, we can provide Builders with software that will allow their customers' homes to be completely personalized with the homeowners' actual selections for lighting, plumbing, appliances, paint selections, roofing, exterior and almost every other selection you can imagine. Buyers can see the home they are actually buying and experience it as they have designed it. With our AR technology, they can even see the home on their lot and experience the home in its actual setting. All of the homeowners’ selections will integrate with Hyphen Solutions’ Builder Product Suite to include CRM, scheduling, warranty management and ERP solutions so that trade partners know exactly what to deliver down to the SKU and location.”

About Hyphen Solutions

21 of the top 26 North American Home Builders trust Hyphen Solutions ™ as a reliable resource in the construction management industry. Hyphen’s software-as-a-service delivers greater operational control, better communications, lower costs and increased productivity for Home Builders, Subcontractors and Suppliers. More than 15,500 companies across the United States and Canada subscribe to Hyphen’s comprehensive Home Builder and supply chain solutions, making the company the leading cloud-based residential construction management software provider. The Hyphen Network serves 717 Builder divisions. In 2021, the system helped manage more than 358,000 new home construction projects. Visit www.hyphensolutions.com to learn more about the collaborative platform.

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