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Color Harmonizing

The blending of art & science to create perfect color combinations

Superior Color Combinations

The Chameleon Power Color Harmony Engine is a rules-based engine derived from time-tested color science logic. Our algorithms create a solution that allows users to fine tune colors based on rules of human physiological response to color combinations.

As opposed to traditional color theory that uses “color wheel” methods for selecting opponent (complementary) and adjacent (analogous) color combinations. Chameleon’s Color Harmony Engine defines and replicates color outcomes based on natural definitions within color space. Unlocking nature’s code to define perfect color coordination is the definition of Chameleon color science.

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Understanding Color Space
Color exists in a 3 Dimensional space whose proportions can be defined scientifically.

The Nature of Color
Nature teaches that there is a natural order and proportionality in the combinations of color within this space used to create images that are universally beautiful and in complete harmony.

Unlocking the Code
Truly gifted color stylists intuitively mimic the natural order of color harmony, and this is a rare gift. The Chameleon Color Harmony Engine unlocks the code behind this natural order. It shows you how to select colors that follow rather than defy natures rules of Color Harmony.



PHI is a method of defining the ideal proportional variation between any combination of colors such that the result has that “feels right” factor. It’s basically the invention of the “ruler” that helps you move from one color to another to find just the right balance between all the available options.

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