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Sample Print Services

A critical part of the sales process

Sample Print Services

Providing physical product samples can be a critical part of the sales process.

For the manufacturer, physical samples are also a burden that disrupts production and adds to inventory and fulfillment costs. For the designer, it adds time to the sales process.

There’s a Better Way

Replace your physical samples with photorealistic paper samples at less than half the cost (and headache). Our proprietary scan-based process and our color and appearance code engine provide high quality, low-cost paper samples rendered to completely match the actual sample.

Ideal To Replace:

  • Carpet samples
  • Fabrics and textile samples
  • Tile samples
  • Wood flooring samples
  • Door samples
  • Cabinet samples

Services Include:

  • Products scanned or simulated digitally
  • Loaded to visualizer for viewing online
  • Digital print process, provides high resolution photo-accurate print of product
  • Ship within 24 hours

Carpet Samples

Physical Carpet Sample (Left) and Paper Sample (Right)

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